How to Identify Authentic Gemstones

With the growing demand for gemstones, the market has seen a rise in counterfeit stones. Identifying authentic gemstones is crucial for ensuring their value and effectiveness. NavaRathnam Gemstones and Rudraksha Testing and Research Laboratory is committed to providing reliable gemstone identification services.
Why Identifying Authentic Gemstones is Important
Authentic gemstones are valuable not only for their beauty but also for their physical and metaphysical properties. Identifying genuine gemstones ensures:
True Value: Confirms the gemstone’s value based on its quality and rarity.
Effectiveness: Ensures the gemstone’s effectiveness in providing its intended benefits.
Consumer Protection: Protects buyers from fraud and ensures they receive what they pay for.
Common Types of Gemstones and Their Characteristics
Diamond: Known for its brilliance and hardness. Authentic diamonds should be clear and have specific refractive properties.
Ruby: Valued for its deep red color. Authentic rubies have a specific density and inclusions.
Sapphire: Comes in various colors, with blue being the most popular. Authentic sapphires have unique spectral properties.
Emerald: Known for its vibrant green color. Authentic emeralds often have natural inclusions.
NavaRathnam’s Gemstone Identification Process
At NavaRathnam, we use a combination of advanced technology and expert analysis to identify authentic gemstones. Our process includes:
Visual get more info Inspection: Initial examination of the gemstone’s color, clarity, and cut.
Spectroscopy: Analyzes the gemstone’s light spectrum to determine its composition.
Microscopy: Examines the gemstone’s internal and external features.
Refractometry: Measures the gemstone’s refractive index.
The Role of Certification in Gemstone Identification
Certification is a crucial part of the gemstone identification process. At NavaRathnam, we provide detailed certificates that confirm the authenticity and quality of each gemstone. These certificates include information on the gemstone’s properties, origin, and any treatments it has undergone.
Identifying authentic gemstones is essential for ensuring their value and effectiveness. At NavaRathnam, we are dedicated to providing reliable gemstone identification services, backed by advanced technology and expert analysis. Trust us to help you navigate the complex world of gemstones and make informed decisions.

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